percocet 745 pill

a white circular pill with 512 on one side and a percocet 745 pill line to break in half on the other side. maybe percocet ?

Is percocet 745 pill Yellow Watson 745 a pain killer? ChaCha Answer: Yes, I believe you are talking abouat a Klonopin, and that is a pain killer. Go Ch.

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Low interest debt consolidation mortgage loan genericpercocet round,white watson 749,pill This contains Oxycodone 5mgs and. PERCOCET M357 VS PERCOCET 512 Filed in .

I appreciate the comments. They do not work well for me. I do not function on them. I cannot eat, read or even write normally on the Roxi. The P's do not affect me .

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Originally posted by runetang Yea vicodin is illegal, its a schedule 2 narcotic, and percocet 745 pill its a felony to posess it without a prescription. Oxycontin, percocet, morphine .

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Best Answer: you have a 5 mg oxycodone pill, it is probably worth like 40 dollars. it is a pain killer if youdidnt know, a strong at that, one that will make you high .

Look at the color of your Percocet pills. Depending on strength, the pills are given different colors. For example, the 325 mg/2.5 mg combination Percocet and .

what is this pill. It is round, white, and has the imprint watson around 749. Also, what mg is it?

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